Folding shower chair on wheels

Shower chair on castors that can be packed into a suitcase.

A small shower chair with four small wheels and extra foam cushion.

Chameleon travel shower chair with extra foam cushion

A 9 kg, easily collapsible shower and toilet chair that can be packed in a suitcase. The suitcase is suitable as carry-on luggage for air travel. The chair is only 54 cm wide and fits through almost all doors.
Accessories include driving gear and soft cushion.
Model: Amigo (earlier Chameleon)

Users comments
Works best on trips; it isn’t impossible to assemble but it is a bit technical and takes time. More comfortable shower chairs are available for home use. Another solution that does not require any luggage when traveling is to shower using the toilet stool as a seat, if floor drain is available.

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Shower chair carrying case

Shower chair carrying case

Shower chair carrying case, open

Shower chair carrying case, open

Author: Susanne

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