Pivoting toilet in RV

– makes bathroom visits easier for people who need assistance

Upper part of  toilet seat is pivoted 45 degrees.
Toilet chair, pivoted 45 degrees

The pivoting toilet is standard in the RV. It can be turned 180 degrees, which provides more room for Helena and her assistant.

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Polarvagn, polarvagnen.com/ (last checked March 2020)

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Toilet chair in normal position.
Toilet chair in normal position.

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Specially furnished RV allows a woman with disabilities to travel on vacation with her family (husband and two children) and her personal assistant.

Tipsare: Helena

Helena lives together with her husband and two teenage children in a house. She is working part time (75%). Since birth she has a muscular disease with symtoms similar to a high spinal cord lesion. She has personal assistance 24 hours a day.