Music – playing the harmonica

- a good fun way to improve lung capacity
User plays the harmonica
User plays the harmonica

To keep his balance he leans on an aluminum suitcase (see associated tip) when he plays the harmonica. If holding the harmonica is difficult a harmonica holder can be used; see associated tip.

Users comments
Playing the harmonica is a good instrument for people with high spinal cord injuries with low pulmonary function. A good beginning is a blues harmonica in C, D, E or F major, which require the least inhalation and exhalation. An aluminum suitcase in which the harmonica can be stored also helps the user keep his balance.

Playing the harmonica should be required as part of rehabilitation as a fun way to improve lung capacity.

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Whose idea
A friend brought a harmonica to the hospital after seeing how boring the lung exercises were.

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Handy packing
Handy packing

Aluminum suitcases for storage of fragile items such as music and computer accessories - can also be used as support or tray on lap for wheelchair users.

Music – harmonica holder
Music – harmonica holder

An opportunity to play music without using hands – suitable for persons with impaired arm/hand function.

Author: Tomas

Tomas bor ihop med sambo i en lägenhet. Han arbetar 25% som fotograf. Han skadade sig 1983 och har en låg tetraplegi (C7). Han har hemtjänst i assistansliknande form en timme dagligen.

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