My Spoon eating aid

- an electronic aid that enables people without arm and hand function to eat by themselves

User eating with My Spoon

The food is divided into bite-sized pieces in a tray with compartments. The user controls the spoon and fork with a joystick. After the first signal MY SPOON picks up the food with the fork and spoon, which work together and move between the compartments of the tray. The fork firmly holds the food on the spoon without crushing it, which minimizes spilled food. When the spoon turns toward the user’s mouth the spoon is horizontal. The spoon stops at a preset location in front of the user’s mouth until the user touches it with his mouth. My Spoon can be used for almost any solid food that is in suitable bite-sized chunks or smaller. Soup and beverages are served in a mug with a straw. The holder is attached with a clamp on the edge of the table.

Users comments
The user feels that MySpoon is very helpful when he wants to be alone with his wife at meals. He doesn’t use it every day. It’s easy to learn to use it.

Made by
Secom, (last checked March 2020)

Purchased from
In Europe for example (last checked March 2020)

The user controls the spoon with a joystick, which is placed against the chin. A glass with a straw is placed in a holder next to the joystick.

User controls spoon with joystick; a glass for beverages sits in a holder.

The arm of the device with the spoon stays in front of the mouth.

Spoon stops in front of user’s mouth.

My Spoon with accompanying tray.

My Spoon with accompanying tray.

Author: Martin

Martin bor ihop med hustru i en villa. Han arbetar deltid. Han skadade sig 2000 och har en hög ryggmärgsskada (C4). Han har personlig asistans dygnet rund.

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