Potato peeler

A machine that peels potatoes, useful for persons with impaired hand function.

Potato peeler, assembled
Potato peeler, assembled

This device consists of an electric mixer and a mixing bowl with a few accessories. In the bottom of the bowl is a hole in which a peg and disc (a grinding wheel) are first positioned. Fill the bowl with about two cm of water, place the potato in it and then put the cover on. On top of the cover is an attachment on which the electric mixer is placed (without the beaters). When you turn on the electric mixer the disc rotates and the potato is peeled.

Users comments
This is an extremely useful device. It only takes five minutes to peel one kilogram of potatoes. It works with essentially any mixer.

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Editors comments
This potato peeler is not available anymore, but there are other electric potato peelers on the market.

This tip is from 2005

Mixing bowl with peg and grinding disc
Mixing bowl with peg and grinding disc
Potato peeler, dismantled
Potato peeler, dismantled

Tipsare: Gert

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