Spacious kitchen in accessible house

Kitchen with plenty of room – suitable for electric wheelchair users

Kitchen with long counter
Kitchen with long counter

Large open kitchen with long workbench in the middle. One short side of the counter is used for dining. The user raises his electric wheelchair to the appropriate height, the rest of the family uses bar stools. The other end of the counter also has an area with knee space so that the user can sit and take part in kitchen activities.

Users comments
The user is unable to cook, but the kitchen has room and seating so that he can move around unimpeded and participate without being in the way. The family is very pleased with the kitchen.

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The user

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The user

This tip is from 2009

Counter with dining area
Counter with dining area
User's seat at counter
User’s seat at counter
Counter with dining area - close-up
Counter with dining area – close-up

Tipsare: Erik

Erik lives together with his wife and his child in a house. He is working part time. He was injured in 1996 and has a high tetraplegia (C4-5). He has personal assistance 21 hours a day.