Table loom

Table loom with custom-designed legs – suitable for wheelchair users

Table loom on legs
Table loom on legs

Table loom with eight pedals, standing on custom-designed legs.

Model: Glimåkra

Users comments
The user has woven on large looms her entire life. Since her injury she uses a table loom. She chose a loom with eight pedals that makes it possible to create many different patterns. She has impaired hand function and cannot set up the warp by herself.

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Loom: (last checked May 2020 ; legs: friend of user

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The user

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The user

This tip is from 2011

User at table loom
User at table loom

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Tipsare: Anonym 19

Together with her husband the person livs in a house in the countryside. She is retired. Since 1998 she has a C6 spinal cord injury. She has personal assistance 13 hours a day.