Lid opener suitable for people with weak hands

Lid opener can work for people with extremely impaired handfunction

Lid opener, photo from
Lid opener, photo from

A metal band sits in an easy grip handle. A screw in the handle adjusts the length. Place the band over the lid, tighten the band and twist the handle. The lid opener can be used for all lids from 2 – 11 cm in diameter.

Model: Strongboy opener

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Euforia, (in Swedish), last checked September 2020.

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User’s comments
Susanne can use the lid opener to open a screw-top jar by herself if necessary.

Tipsare: Susanne

Susanne lives in an apartment. She studies as well as working full time as a free-lance journalist. She was injured in 1982 and has a high spinal cord injury (C5). Through hand surgery her grip function in her left hand improved. She has personal assistance.