Accessible bathroom with aquarium

Being able to look at fish and listen to music passes the time in the bathroom
Bathroom with aquarium
Bathroom with aquarium

The bathroom consists of a shower, toilet with wall-mounted hinged handle and a sink. Opposite the toilet is a large aquarium. Next to the toilet is a table with radio and music player.
The sink is specially designed for people with disabilities. It has a stable design with good access below. Grip-friendly edges provide good support for arms and hands.

toilet arm support Optima from ETAC
ifö sink 2642

Users comments
Since the user spends considerable time on the toilet he wanted to have an aquarium there to be able to watch the fish. A radio and a music player also help pass the time.
The user is satisfied with the bathroom.

Made by
Sink: Ifö Sanitär, (in Swedish); toilet arm support: Etac, (last checked October 2021)

Whose idea
The user

User at sink
User at sink
Table by toilet chair with radio, music player, and other things
Table by toilet chair with radio, music player, and other things

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Author: Lars

Lars bor ihop med sin hustru i en villa på landet. Han arbetar deltid. Sedan 1967 har han en hög paraplegi. Han är inte i behov av assistans.

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