Accessible shower stall

Shower stall with walls that open and rubber strip - suitable for wheelchair users

Shower stall with shower wall folded

Shower stall with shower wall folded

The shower stall has folding walls that can be opened outwards and can be folded completely against the bathroom wall. A rubber strip is glued to the bathroom floor instead of a plinth under the shower stall.

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The rubber strip works very well, it holds all the water inside the stall. The assistants tilt the shower chair slightly when they drive him over the rubber strip.

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Rubber strip

Rubber strip

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Author: Erik

Erik bor ihop med fru och barn i en villa. Han arbetar deltid. 1996 skadade han sig och har en hög tetraplegi (C4-5). Han har 21 timmar personlig assistans per dygn.

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