Adaptation of joystick on electric wheelchair

A cradle makes it possible for a person without dexterity to control an electric wheelchair with a joystick

Joystick with padded cradle

Joystick with padded cradle

A padded cradle sits on the joystick. User drives with hand in cradle (pinky side down).

Users comments
The cradle enables the user to get a firm “grip” of the joystick and allows the user to drive safely.

How to make
Padding material consists of tube insulation and shrink tubing.

Made by
A friend of the user

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
The user

Author: Anders

Anders bor ihop med sambo i en villa. Han arbetar deltid. Han skadade sig 1989 och fick en hög ryggmärgsskada (C4-5). Han har personliga assistenter.

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