Adjustable-height crib

Crib suitable for parents with disabilities who have young children

User next to crib with the gate open
Photo:  Tomas Engblom
User next to crib with the gate open
Photo: Tomas Engblom

Sesam adjustable height crib with gates. The ceip has an electric lift, allowing knees to slide under the crib when sitting. It has a gate along one of the long sides. The specially designed gate lock enables a parent with weak muscles to open and close it, but it is difficult for the child to do so on its own.

Users comments
Erika used the Sesam bed for her first child and was very satisfied. She used it to care for the child as well as for play and sleep. The disadvantage was that it occupies a large amount of space and cannot go through doors.

Made by
Mayday Aid AB, (in Sweden) (last checked May 2017)

Purchased from
Can be rented through Hjälpmedelservice (Assistive device services)

Paid for by
Rent is paid by the user

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This tip is from 2005

Tipsare: Erika

Erika lives in a house together with her partner and two infants. She is working part time. In 1994 she was injured and has a low tetraplegia (C7). Sometimes she uses help provided by the local government when she is going out with her children.