Modified crib on wheels

Crib on wheels with the opening on one long side suitable for parents with disabilities who have young children
Modified crib with fabric over the opening of the bed
Modified crib with fabric over the opening of the bed

A crib from IKEA was modified. The bottom of the bed can be assembled at various heights (IKEA original). An opening was made on one of the long sides of the bed It can be opened and closed with a piece of fabric. The fabric is nailed to the lower frame and is attached to the upper frame with Velcro straps. It is easy to lay the child down and pick it up when you open the fabric.

Users comments
The advantage of this crib is that it does not occupy too much space. It is easy to move from room to room. The disadvantage is that Erika cannot access it from the front, i.e., she can’t slide her knees under the bed. Another disadvantage is that she can’t tuck the child in and pat the child when the fabric is on the bed. She is thinking about making a hole in the fabric for this purpose.

How to make
Saw off the middle slats from the bed on one long side. Sew a piece of fabric somewhat larger than the opening with a Velcro strip on the upper edge. Attach it with a staple gun on the inside of the lower frame. Glue a matching Velcro strip on the outside of the upper frame. The fabric sits on the inside of the bed frame, goes over the upper edge and is attached on the outside. Alternatively, sew fabric strips to the upper edges to tie the fabric in place.

Made by
Dean Smith, Erika’s partner

Purchased from
IKEA, (last checked January 2022), fabric store

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
Erika Nilsson, Dean Smith

Attachment of fabric to the opening of the bed (close-up)
Attachment of fabric to the opening of the bed (close-up)
Modified crib, open
Modified crib, open
Wheels on bed (close-up)
Wheels on bed (close-up)

Author: Erika

Erika är småbarnsmamma. Hon bor ihop med sambo och 2 barn i villa. Hon arbetar deltid. Hon skadade sig 1994 och har en låg tetraplegi (C7). Hon använder sig ibland av ledsagarservice när hon går ut med barnen.

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