Brushing teeth

A toothbrush that makes it easier for someone who needs help brushing teeth and that makes brushing teeth easier for persons with limited motor function

Tandborste med två borstar vinklad mot varandra

‘Superbrush’ toothbrush

In the morning the user brushes teeth in bed. She uses a toothbrush that brushes several surfaces simultaneously. She uses a covered cup with a straw for water.

Model: Superbrush

Users comments
The user needs help brushing teeth. The superbrush works well and brushes teeth quickly since it brushes on both sides simultaneously.
The user spits through the straw into the covered cup.
In the evening she uses an electric toothbrush.

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Covered cup with straw

Covered cup with straw

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Author: Nina

Nina bor i en lägenhet. Hon arbetar deltid. Hon skadade sig 1996 och har en hög tetraplegi (C4) och är i behov av ventilator. Hon har dubbel assistans dygnet runt.

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