Holder for electric toothbrush

Custom-designed holder in orthotic material

The toothbrush is in the users palm of the hand, with the holder, a hook, around the back of the hand.

User holds electric toothbrush

The electric toothbrush sits in a holder of orthotic material which is fitted with a handle. The toothbrush sits somewhat loosely in the holder and in order to turn the toothbrush on the user holds the toothbrush with his teeth and twists his hand.

Users comments
The user needs help attaching the holder to his hand and with turning the toothbrush on and off.

Unfortunately, orthotic material does not keep its shape when it gets too warm. The user contacted an orthopedic technician to get the same solution in a more durable material.

Made by
User’s occupational therapist

Paid for by
County council

The user holds the electric toothbrush, the holder (hook) is visible on the back of the hand.

User holds electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush in holder (close-up)

Electric toothbrush in holder

Author: Stefan

Stefan bor ihop med sin fru i en lägenhet. Han skadade sig 1993 och har en hög tetraplegi (C5). Han har dagligen 16 timmar personlig assistans.

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