Custom-designed dental floss holder

Independent use of dental floss for a person with impaired hand function

User with dental floss holder for upper teeth
User with dental floss holder for upper teeth

Dental floss holder consists of a purchased dental floss loop that sits in a custom-designed extended and bent handle made of orthotic material. The handle sits in a universal strap. The universal strap is an adjustable Velcro strap for various hand sizes. It has an elastic pocket in which flatware, typing sticks, etc, can be inserted.
When the dental floss loop points downwards the user cleans his lower teeth. To turn the loop he pulls it out of the handle a bit with his teeth, turns it downward with his mouth and puts it in place again.

Model: Dental floss loop: Plackers dental floss with holder

Universal strap: Flatware holder from Swereco or flatware grip “Bestickgrepp” from Varsam.

How to make
Shape a handle bent at a 90-degree angle for the dental floss loop from orthotic material and make a hole using the dental floss holder.

Made by
Carin Bergfeldt, occupational therapist

Purchased from
Dental floss loop: pharmacy; Universal strap (‘Hållom’): in Sweden Swereco, (last checked March 2017)

Paid for by
County Council (universal strap)

Whose idea
User together with occupational therapist Carin Bergfeldt

This tip is from 2007

User with dental floss holder for lower teeth
User with dental floss holder for lower teeth
Custom-designed dental floss holder (close-up)
Custom-designed dental floss holder (close-up)

Tipsare: Anonym 5

The person lives in an apartment by himself. He is studying. He was injured in 2003 and has a tetraplegia (C6 complete). He does not have any assistance, but some help of his family.