Covered outdoor ramp

Ramp that blends in with environment

Ramp to entrance
Ramp to entrance

A ramp leads to the entrance door. The ramp has a perforated aluminum profile. The wood railing has the same style as the house. Covered entrance.

Users comments
The covered entrance is important. It prevents Lotta from dragging in a lot of snow or dirt when she goes inside.

Made by
User’s husband

Purchased from
In Sweden for example (last checked November 2021)

Paid for by
Local government

User on ramp to entrance
User on ramp to entrance

Tipsare: Lotta

Together with her husband, her daughter, three dogs and a cat Lotta lives in a two-story house in the countryside. She is working as a volunteer for Rekryteringsgruppen (an organization of persons with spinal cord injuries). She was injured in 1983 and has a high paraglegia (TH 3). She does not have any personal assistance.