Double bed

Attractive electrically controlled double bed – suitable for persons with physical disabilities

User's bedroom with double bed - both beds at same height
User’s bedroom with double bed – both beds at same height

Two identical beds with spring mattresses. The user’s bed has an electrically controlled bed lift that raises and lowers the entire bed as well as an adjustable head and foot section. The bed can be regulated with a sip/puff control.

It was difficult for the company that sells the bed to do so and the user has taken over sales.

Users comments
The user needs an electrical adjustable bed. The bed lift is important because it provides his assistants with a good working position. The user does not want a bed that looks like it comes from a hospital.
The user is very satisfied with the bed. He even recommends it for older people who can use it in various ways – for example, as a work table that can be raised to fold clothes at a convenient height.

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Editors comments
IKEA and other furniture stores have electrical adjustable beds, though without a bed lift.

User's bed with bed lift and box
User’s bed with bed lift and box
Double bed - user's bed elevated
Double bed – user’s bed elevated

Tipsare: Erik

Erik lives together with his wife and his child in a house. He is working part time. He was injured in 1996 and has a high tetraplegia (C4-5). He has personal assistance 21 hours a day.