Wrist bandage with handle

Strip sewn onto wrist bandage helps assistants to lift the arm of persons with extensive disabilities without pulling on their wrist

The assistant lifts the user's arm with the handle sewn onto the wrist bandage
The assistant lifts the user’s arm with the handle sewn onto the wrist bandage

A wrist bandage is used to stabilize the wrist. A strip is sewn onto the dorsal side that is used as kind of a handle so that the assistants can lift the arm.

Users comments
The assistants can use the handle to lift the user’s arm, e.g., while dressing and during exercises to prevent contractures. It reduces the pressure on the wrist.

Purchased from
Outlets such as PhysioRoom, physioroom.com (wrist bandage), last checked March 2020.

Paid for by
County Council (wrist bandage)

Whose idea
The user (handle)

Tipsare: Nina

Nina lives in an apartment. She is working part time. She was injured in 1996 and has a high tetraplegia (C4). She is a ventilator user. She has two personal assistants 24 hours a day.