A soft footrest on the wheelchair makes shoes unnecessary indoors

User with soft footrest
User with soft footrest

A wooden board with quilted padding is covered by fabric. The fabric is stapled to the footrest. An extra piece of wood on the bottom fits perfectly between the tubes on the wheelchair foot bar, see photo below.

Users comments
With the footrest the user can be barefoot or wear soft slippers indoors.

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Soft footrest attached to the user’s foot bar
Soft footrest attached to the user’s foot bar

Footplate from below (a wooden plate with a piece of wood screwed on it of the same size as the distance between the two tubes that form the footplate.
Footrest from below

Tipsare: Malin

Malin lives in an apartment. In 1992 she was injured and she has a high lesion (C4). She has personal assistans 16 hours a day.