Lightweight, convenient folding electric wheelchair

– easy to bring along in the car and on trips

A person on sitting in a small electric wheelchair and a woman walking

Eloflex. The person in the photo is not the user. Photo from

A compact and convenient electric wheelchair that can be folded in seconds. It weighs only 25 kg and has a range of 30 km. When folded it is the same size as an ordinary suitcase and can therefore easily be brought along in an ordinary passenger car and on trips, see also (last checked May 2020).

Model: Eloflex

Users comments
The user uses the Eloflex every day. Eloflex makes it possible for him to continue to be active and independent. He can use his own car and can travel together with his wife. He notes that assistive equipment can make a big difference in quality of life.

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In Sweden: Eloflex, (last checked May 2020)

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Eloflex folded in the associated bag, the rear wheels are outside the bag.

Eloflex. Photo from

Eloflex folded. Photo from
Eloflex folded. Photo from

Eloflex folded in its bag, the rear wheels are outside the bag

Eloflex folded in its bag. Photo from

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