Recumbent bicycle with electric wheel and tow hook for wheelchair

Facilitates bike riding for individuals with impaired strength or disability

User riding recumbent bicycle. The wheelchair is attached to the tow hook.
User riding recumbent bicycle. The wheelchair is attached to the tow hook.

Three-wheel recumbent bicycle with electric motor.
The electric motor sits on the front wheel and is a standard accessory. The user can set how much help the motor should provide. The wheel can be replaced and the bike can be used with or without the motor.
The bike also has a tow hook for the wheelchair.

Model: Sinner comfort from the Netherlands.

Users comments
It was important for the user to be able to ride a bike with friends. She looked for a solution and found this motorized recumbent bicycle from the Netherlands. The advantage of the reclining bicycle for the user is that she gets more power in her legs when bicycling while lying down. The recumbent bicycle can also be recommended for people with impaired balance and/or neck problems.

In order to bring along the wheelchair the assistive device centers recommended a cart. The user thought that a tow hook, which she made arrangements for herself, was easier and more convenient.

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Tow hook: machine shop

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Drymer, (last checked November 2020)

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The user

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The user’s

User riding motorized bicycle
User riding motorized bicycle

Tipsare: Caroline

Caroline lives in an apartment and is working. She has a congenital disease (Ehlers-Danlos syndrom) which gives her fluctuating problems and pain in all her joints. Since 2000 she is using a wheelchair outdoors. She has homehelp 27 hours a month.