Separate cabinet with storage drawers and counter

Custom-built separate cabinet is easily accessible and practical for wheelchair users

User by counter without lower cabinet

User by counter without lower cabinet

The two-part cabinet has a counter with knee space below it at the right height for a wheelchair user on one side; opposite it the counter is at the right height for someone who is standing. The cabinet has drawers on both sides for flatware, dishes, glasses, cups,… everything needed every day in the kitchen.

Users comments
The user is extremely satisfied with the cabinet. All practical items are easily accessible. He uses the counter to prepare food, but he also uses it for reading or writing.

Used since

Made by
Local government carpenter

Paid for by
Local government

Whose idea
Ida Lindhe, occupational therapist

Counter for standing individuals. User pulls out a drawer.

Counter for standing individuals

User pulls out drawer

User pulls out drawer

Separate cabinet

Separate cabinet

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