Sleeve protector for wheelchair users

Protects shirts and sweaters when manually driving the wheelchair

User with sleeve protector i nylon cloth.
User with sleeve protector

An open “stocking” that stretches from wrist to elbow. The sleeve protector has ribbing at both top and bottom.

Users comments
The user usually puts these on to operate the wheelchair manually outdoors.

Made by
Ida Lindé

Purchased from
Ida Lindé,

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
Ida Lindé, occupational therapist

Tipsare: Anonym 1

The person lives together with his wife and an child in a house. He is working part time. He was injured in 1975 and has a high tetraplegia (C5). Through hand surgery his grip function improved in both hands. He has personal assistance 7 hours a day.