Spring mattress with hard edge

Specially ordered hard edge in the spring mattress facilitates transfers for wheelchair-bound persons with impaired balance.

Spring mattress with hard edge
Spring mattress with hard edge

Bed with spring mattress with hard edge built into the mattress and installed by the bed manufacturer. The hard edge facilitates transfers. The bed is the same height as the wheelchair.

Users comments
The mattress can be specially ordered. When Erika was newly injured she chose a firm edge in order to be able to move around. Today it is no longer necessary. The bed can be ordered in any desired height.

Purchased from
Furniture and bed store, www.sova.se (in Swedish) (last checked May 2017)

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
Erika Nilsson

This tip is from 2005

Tipsare: Erika

Erika lives in a house together with her partner and two infants. She is working part time. In 1994 she was injured and has a low tetraplegia (C7). Sometimes she uses help provided by the local government when she is going out with her children.