Electric bed

An adjustable electric bed with bed lift is appropriate for persons with a high spinal cord injury

A bed, a hand control is on the bed.
Electric bed

Electric bed with bed lift. Controls have large easy-to-use buttons.

Model: Comfortsystem, formerly RoMedic.

The user and his wife have two separate beds, not a double bed. The wife’s bed is at the same height as the user’s bed at the lowest setting.

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Invacare, invacare.com sells similar beds (last checked April 2020).

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Hand control with large buttons (close-up)
Controls for electric bed

User's bed and wife's bed at same height
User’s bed and wife’s bed at same height

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Attaching sheets
Attaching sheets
Garters prevent sheets from slipping off – appropriate for persons who use electric beds.
Independent transfer with ceiling lift
Independent transfer with ceiling lift
A method for high quadriplegics to move to the bed themselves in emergency situations.
Heating pad with timer
Heating pad with timer
Heating pad with timer warms the bed.

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The person lives together with his wife and an child in a house. He is working part time. He was injured in 1975 and has a high tetraplegia (C5). Through hand surgery his grip function improved in both hands. He has personal assistance 7 hours a day.