Independent transfer with ceiling lift

A method for high quadriplegics to move to the bed themselves in emergency situations

Doubble bed and ceiling lift

Bed and ceiling lift

Inalto ceiling lift with remote control and traveling motor, mounted on stabilizer (lightweight concrete). The trouser model lift sling is customized with extra large rings on the lift band and the back is reinforced with a hard plate (Orthoplast) sewn into it.

Model: INALTO ceiling lift

Technique: The user pulls the lift harness over his head and places the backplate behind his back. He slides the leg sections under his thighs, picks them up on the inside of his legs and attaches the lift straps to the ceiling lift. He raises the lift slightly to achieve proper placement of the leg sections. Then he lowers the ceiling lift again and attaches the upper straps of the lift harness to the lift ring. He uses the remote control to lift himself up and over the bed (traveling motor).

Users comments
The hard plate in the lift sling prevents it from folding and the user can position it without assistance. A method to get into bed unassisted, though it takes a long time. Usually he uses the ceiling lift with the help of assistants.

Made by
Hjälpmedelcentralen (Assistive device center – lift harness)

Paid for by
County council

Whose idea
The user

Editors comments
The INALTO ceiling lift is no longer manufactured; LIKO’s traveling motor Likorall with remote control is similar, (last checked April 2020).

Lift cover with reinforced back section and large metal rings on lift strap

Lift cover with reinforced back section and large metal rings on lift strap

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Author: Anonym 1

Personen bor ihop med fru och barn i villa. Han arbetar deltid. Han skadade sig 1975 och har en hög tetraplegi (C5). Genom hand-kirurgi fick han bättre greppfunktion i båda händer. Han har personlig assistans 7 timmar om dagen. (Avliden 2024)

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