Mobile lift

Mobile lift Golvo has an electric adjustable frame for easy transfers to a couch.

Mobile floor lift
Mobile floor lift Golvo

Mobile lift with vertical lifting motion. The width of the frame can be adjusted both parallel and symmetrically.

Users comments
Conny feels that Golvo is more a flexible solution than a ceiling lift. The electric adjustable frame makes it easy to transfer to the sofa.

Purchased from
Hillrom, (last checked March 2020) sell different models av mobile lifts.

Paid for by
County council

Tipsare: Conny

Conny lives in a house together with his daughters. He is working part time. In 1994 he was injured and he has a high lesion (C4). He has personal assistance 24 hours a day, 3,5 hours a day he has two persons assisting him.