Ceiling lift between bathroom and bedroom

Ceiling lift on track from bathroom to bedroom.

Curved ceiling track and cut-out above the bathroom door

Ceiling track for ceiling lift

The track is screwed into the ceiling and goes from the bathroom to the bedroom. The track is curved and goes over the bed. An opening was cut in the wall above the doorframe so that the lift goes through between the bedroom and bathroom.

Users comments
The user uses the ceiling lift every day. First he places the lift sling under his arms and then attaches the sling to the ceiling lift. After that his assistant takes his feet and walks with him like a “wheelbarrow”. The user transports himself with the lift from the bed to/from the toilet chair or shower chair. He feels that the small sling is very simple to use, easy to put on and handle.

Ceiling lift runs through opening (cut-out) in wall above door

Ceiling lift runs through opening in wall above door

User with lift strap under arms

User with lift strap under arms

Lift strap

Lift strap

Author: Gert

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