Lift for people with disabilities

- allows transfer to and from a boat with a municipal lift device
Lift in marina
Lift in marina

Municipal lift in Lysekil marina. Users wear their own harness and hooks in a lifting hook on the boom. An operating button controls the movement of the lift boom back and forth, and raises and lowers the lifting hook.

Users comments
The user submitted a request to Lysekil Municipality to install a lift for disabled people in the marina.

Other activities for people with disabilities in Lysekil Municipality include
– boat slips with a wide dock, modified for people with disabilities
– sailboat rentals (mini-twelve) suitable for people with disabilities

Paid for by
Lysekil Municipality

Whose idea

Lift in marina
Lift in marina

Author: Lars 1

Lars arbetar heltid, bland annat som handikappkonsulent i Lysekil Kommun. Han är skadad sedan 1991 och har en hög inkomplett tetraplegi. Han har personlig assistans 10 timmar per dag.

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