Transfer belt EasyBelt

EasyBelt facilitate transfers - suitable for wheelchair users who need help with transfers
User transfers to bathtub with assistance
User transfers to bathtub with assistance

EasyBelt is made of stain- and moisture repellant nylon. It has a soft and comfortable polyester material that provides a good grip around the waist. The belt has a stable handle, in both vertical and horizontal position, which gives the assistant a firm grip during transfers.

EasyBelt is used for situations such as transfers from wheelchair to bathtub.

Users comments
The user’s shoulder has been exposed to overuse; therefore he needs help with transfers to the bathtub.

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Transfer belt EasyBelt (close-up)
Transfer belt EasyBelt (close-up)

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Transfer to bathtub with assistance
Transfer to bathtub with assistance
Removal of the front and end plates of the bathtub, a place to sit next to the bathtub and a belt to wear during the transfer make it easier for wheelchair users to transfer to and from the bathtub.

Author: Tomas

Tomas bor ihop med sambo i en lägenhet. Han arbetar 25% som fotograf. Han skadade sig 1983 och har en låg tetraplegi (C7). Han har hemtjänst i assistansliknande form en timme dagligen.

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