Folding floor lift

Folding lift that can be transported in 3 bags

Liko Light. Photo:
Liko Light. Photo:

Lift made of aluminum that can easily be dismantled into three parts for transporting and storing. No part weighs more than 10 kg.
The lift can be electrically raised and lowered and the frame can be mechanically broadened. A person can be lifted from the floor. Lifting capacity: 140 kg

Bags made of soft lined, durable, lightweight material are available as accessories.

Model: Likolight
and Likolight Soft Bags

Users comments
Finding assistive devices that are not too large for travel is difficult. Liko Light is not as portable as it should be.

Paid for by
Lift: County Council; bags: the user

Editors comments
Liko Light is not available anymore. Another foldable lift is Molift Smart 150 from Etac, (last checked March 2020)

This tip is from 2007

Liko Light, dismantled. Photo:
Liko Light, dismantled. Photo:
Liko light in 3 bags for transportation. Photo:
Liko light in 3 bags for transportation. Photo:

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