Tire puncture repair kit or solid tires to prevent puncture

The tire puncture repair kit makes it possible to quickly repair punctured wheelchair tires.

Power-driven wheelchair wheel with tire repair kit (a 500ml pressure container with hose, which has connecting part to the valve of the wheel).
Power-driven wheelchair wheel with tire repair kit

The product is made for cars. If a puncture occurs, spray a sealing rubber material and air into the valve of the wheel. Afterwards, roll the tires for awhile to distribute the rubber material in the wheel. The wheelchair can also be placed on blocks and run in place (photo 1). Another option is to take solid tires to avoid punctures, se photo below.

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Conny has solid tires on the manual chair; he uses the tire repair kit on the Permobil for emergencies. He always brings it when he travels.

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Manual wheelchair with solid tires
Manual wheelchair with solid tires

Tipsare: Conny

Conny lives in a house together with his daughters. He is working part time. In 1994 he was injured and he has a high lesion (C4). He has personal assistance 24 hours a day, 3,5 hours a day he has two persons assisting him.