Smart Drive power assist device

An easy-to-manage power assist device for manual wheelchairs that facilitates driving
Smart Drive
Smart Drive

The power assist device has a handle and can be easily hooked into a clamp attached to the rear axle of the wheelchair. An “’intelligent” wristband is included that communicates with the Smart Drive and senses the user’s movements and knows when the user is ready to stop or to drive. When the user pushes the push rims, the devices provides a power assist force equivalent to the force the user applies to the push rim. The harder the user pushes, the faster the wheelchair goes. The power assist continues to push until the user brakes by making a sharp movement with the wristband.

Model: Smart Drive MX2

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Users comments
Smart Drive is a great assistive device especially for people who have shoulder problems. The same wheelchair technique is used when using the wheelchair as without the power assist and it does not affect driving performance. Good wheelchair technique is important to be able to use Smart Drive. If the user is unable to quickly lift the front wheels, the wheelchair can easily come to a dead stop.

Smart Drive can be combined with Freewheel, see

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Permobil, (last checked April 2021).

User with Smart Drive attached to wheelchair
User with Smart Drive attached to wheelchair
Smart Drive power assist device
Smart Drive power assist device
Intelligent ' wristband
Intelligent ‘ wristband

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Personen bor i en lägenhet och arbetar heltid. Han har en låg paraplegi sedan 1975.

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Low paraplegia (Th11-S1)

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