Travel hand control unit for car

Easy to install travel hand control unit for car with automatic transmission – suitable for wheelchair users

User accelerates
User accelerates

Two metal rods are fitted on the car’s accelerator and brake pedals. The rods can move in all directions. The rods reach up to the car seat. They are held together with a transverse handle. The rod to the brake is attached to the handle. To brake, press down on the handle (see photo 2). The rod to the accelerator pedal runs free through a hole in the handle. To accelerate, use the thumb to press on the button that sits on the rod (see photo 1).
The hand control unit is used together with the cruise control, which sits on the wheel.
The control unit can be turned to the side to keep them out of the way when moving in and out of the car (see photo 4).
It takes about 10 minutes to install the hand control unit. The control unit fits almost all cars with automatic transmission.

Model: LYNX control

Users comments
The user brings the control unit with him when he travels. He also uses it when his car is in the shop and he has to use another car.
The hand controls require full hand function.
One disadvantage is that the car cannot be driven with the foot pedal when the controls are installed.

Made by
Lynx handcontrols, England, (last checked May 2017)

Purchased from
In Sweden: CM Fordonsteknik

Paid for by
Swedish Social Insurance Agency

This tip is from 2008

User brakes
User brakes
Hand control unit installed in car
Hand control unit installed in car
Hand control unit turned to the side
Hand control unit turned to the side

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