Washbasin and storage

Washbasin with spacer unit and support for forearms – suitable for wheelchair users and persons with compromised arm/hand function

Washbasin and bathroom cabinet

Washbasin and bathroom cabinet

Tilting washbasin with spacer unit. A marble counter top on the spacer unit covers two bathroom cabinets with drawers standing to the right and left of the washbasin. The large mirror extends all the way down to the washbasin.

Users comments
The washbasin works well, the edges provide good support for arms and hands.
The user keeps toiletries in the drawers where they are accessible and easy to see. The rest of the family uses the wall cabinet next to the mirror.

Made by
IFÖ, ifo.se (in Sweden), last checked July 2020.

Paid for by
Municipality (washbasin)

User at washbasin

User at washbasin

User removes toiletries from cabinet drawer next to the washbasin

User removes toiletries from drawer

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Author: Suzanne

Suzanne bor ihop med man och barn i en villa. Hon arbetar deltid. 1991 skadade hon sig och har en komplett tetraplegi C6. Hon har personlig assistans.

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