Adapted cup

– an easy way for people who have no finger function to drink

The user holds the cup (the handle of the cup is hooked onto the screws of the universal strap)

User holds cup

The user lifts an adapted cup with a specially sewn strap with elastic pocket (universal strap) in order to drink. The pocket on the strap holds a bendable piece of metal with two screws, see photos below. The cup has a plastic handle which is fitted with two holes that are narrower upwards, see photos below. The holes and screws are the same distance. The user hooks the screws into the cup handle.
The user also uses a wrist stabilizing bandage.

Users comments
The user is very satisfied with the solution. It is easy to grasp the cup and put it down; no danger of being burned by hot drinks.
If anyone is interested in producing it, please contact the user through

Made by
An orthopedic technician

Whose idea
The user

User drinks

User drinks

The cup is on the table, his hand (with wrist support and universal strap on) is on edge next to it, with the screws against the holes in the cup handle.

User grabs the cup

Cup with plastic handle that has two holes in it

Cup with custom handle

Universal strap adapted with two screws

Adapted universal strap

Author: Adam

Adam är ensamstående och bor i ett radhus. Han skadade sig 1986 och har en hög tetraplegi (C5). Han har personlig assistans.

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