Adapted Iphone and Iphone holder on wheelchair

A simple way to be able to pick upp the phone and to attach it to the wheelchair - suitable for persons with impaired handfunction

User holds his phone with the thumb in the loop

User holds his phone with help of the loop

The I-phone is adapted with a wire loop. The wire is attached with tape on the back of the phone and is covered by the phones shell. The shell is attached to the phone by velcro. On the wheelchair there is a small plastic case for the Iphone.

Users comments
The user puts his thumb in the loop to pick up his phone.

Whose idea
The user

Underneath the phone's shell you can see the attachment of the steel wire with tape, and the velcro to attach the shell.

Attachment of the wire with tape and velcro to attach the shell

Iphone in plastic case on wheelchair

Iphone in plastic case on wheelchair

Author: Gordon

Gordon har skrivit boken 'Access Africa: Safaris for People with Limited Mobility (Bradt Travel Guides)'. Han skadade sig 1998 och har en hög teteraplegi (C5-6 komplett).

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