Aquatec bath lift

– makes it possible to take a relaxing bath – suitable for people with disabilities

In the bathtub there is a padded seat with a cross underneath.
Bath lift in tub

Electric bath lift. The lift can be lowered into and raised from the tub. The reclining back angle is steplessly adjustable.

Model: Aquatec Orca

Users comments
The user has strong neurogenic pain. A warm bath helps to reduce the pain and also reduces spasticity. By straightening the reclining back, he can also reach his legs and feet and can wash himself.

Purchased from
Invacare, (last checked April 2020)

Paid for by
County council

Bath lift lowered in tub
Bath lift lowered in tub

Bath lift hand control
Bath lift hand control

Tipsare: Alex

Alex is living in an apartment. He was injured in 1997 and has a tetraplegia. He has personal assistance.