Attractive tires and spokes for wheelchair wheels

Colorful light tires and spokes for manual wheelchair

Wheelchair wheel with red tires and spokes
Wheelchair wheel with red tires and spokes

The user has wheels with red spokes and red-and-black striped tires on her Panthera Wheelchair.
The tires are smooth and do not drag in much dirt. The tires are equipped with puncture protection.
Both tires and spokes are available in various colors.

Model: Schwalbe RightRun (tires)
Spox from Panthera (wheel with spokes)

Purchased from
Tires:  (last checked January 2022)
Wheel: Panthera, (last checked January 2022)

Paid for by
The user (tire)

Tipsare: Erika

Erika lives in a house together with her partner and two infants. She is working part time. In 1994 she was injured and has a low tetraplegia (C7). Sometimes she uses help provided by the local government when she is going out with her children.