Strap instead of wheelchair belt

Custom-made strap helps the user to keep his balance during strength training and moving outdoors – suitable for wheelchair users who have impaired balance

User with strap

User with strap

Wide padded strap (about 20 cm wide and 140 cm long) with loops has a Velcro closure. The strap sits around the user and the backrest of the wheelchair.

Users comments
The strap is used during strength training and sits as high as possible. It is also used for moving outdoors and then sits as low as possible. The loops help the user, who has impaired hand function, to grasp the strap and tighten it.

Made by
User’s partner

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The user

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The user

Author: Mikael

Mikael bor med sin sambo i en lägenhet. Han arbetar deltid. Han skadade sig 2008 och har en tetraplegi (C5-6). Han har ca 30 timmar personlig assistans i veckan.

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