Berth on sailboat

Solution for persons with incontinence problems
Wood board with opening between sofas
Wood board with opening between sofas

Each of the long sides of the saloon has a sofa. A large double bed can be formed by placing a wood board between the sofas with a mattress on top. The board has a semicircular opening through which the catheter bag can be placed. At night the user has a urinary condom and a bag with a long tube.

Users comments
Urine may leak if the catheter bag has a short tube; this risk is greatly reduced by using a long tube. The urine bag can sit on the floor.

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Peter Riddebäck

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Claes Hultling

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Author: Claes

Claes bor ihop med fru och son i en lägenhet. Han arbetar heltid. Han skadade sig 1984 och har en låg tetraplegi. Han har ingen assistans.

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