Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC)

Independent draining of urine while sitting on toilet chair

User sits on toilet in "draining position". Illustration Lars 'Geson' Andersson
User sits on toilet in “draining position”. Illustration Lars ‘Geson’ Andersson

The user transfers to the toilet. One leg rests at an angle on the wheelchair (tailor style) and is supported by trousers. The foot of the other leg rests on the foot bar. She opens the catheter package, places both hands below, separates the labia with one hand, feels and inserts the catheter with the other hand. The urine runs directly down into the toilet.

Users comments
The user cannot drain her bladder while sitting in the wheelchair. At first she used a mirror to be able to see where to insert the catheter, but it was complicated. The mirror fell on the floor and into the toilet. Once when she was in a very dark bathroom she tried without the mirror and it worked.

Made by
Wellspect,  (catheter) (last checked June 2021)

Editors comments
On Wellspect’s webbsite you can download a form which helps to take along catheters in hand luggage when flying,  (last checked June 2021)

User inserts catheter. Illustration: Lars 'Geson' Andersson
User inserts catheter. Illustration: Lars ‘Geson’ Andersson

Tipsare: Anonym 10

The person is single and lives in a house. She is working part time. Since 1984 she has a high paraplegia (TH 5-6). She has a cleaning lady once a week; no assistance.