Central vacuum cleaner

Cleaning with central vacuum cleaner is convenient for wheelchair users, though it taking out the long hose can be difficult.
User vacuums
User vacuums

The house has a central vacuum cleaner with outlets on both floors. The hose is 9 meters long and stored in the cleaning closet.

Users comments
Lotta finds it difficult to take out the 9-meter long hose and usually has help for this part. Once the hose is out, however, she thinks vacuuming is easy.

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User inserts vacuum cleaner hose into wall outlet
User inserts vacuum cleaner hose into wall outlet

Author: Lotta

Lotta bor i en tvåplansvilla på landet ihop med maken, dottern, tre hundar och en katt. Hon arbetar ideellt för Rekryteringsgruppens friluftsgrupp. Hon skadade sig 1983 och har en hög paraplegi (TH 3). Hon har ingen assistans.

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