Cushion between knees in boat

A cushion between the knees helps the user to maintain a good seated posture in a kayak for people with functional impairments

User sitting in the kayak with cushion between knees
User sitting in the kayak with cushion between knees

User places a cushion between her knees when sitting in the kayak. Cushion thickness can be varied with air.

Model: part of Varilite from Anatomic Sitt

Rekryteringsgruppen in Stockholm, has cushions in various sizes and lends them out for canoeing.

Users comments
The cushion steadies the legs in the kayak and prevents them from rocking back and forth.

Made by
Anatomic Sitt, (last checked June 2017)

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This tip is from 2006

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Rekryteringsgruppen offers kayak lessons for persons who have a spinal cord injury.

Tipsare: Lotta

Together with her husband, her daughter, three dogs and a cat Lotta lives in a two-story house in the countryside. She is working as a volunteer for Rekryteringsgruppen (an organization of persons with spinal cord injuries). She was injured in 1983 and has a high paraglegia (TH 3). She does not have any personal assistance.