Custom-built shower chair for adapted RV

Custom-built shower chair saves room and makes it possible for a person with extensive disabilities to shower in an RV

Shower chair with soft back, wooden armrest, padded seat with opening on the toilet seat.
Shower chair on toilet seat

The shower chair is made of wood and plywood and does not have any back legs. It is placed directly on the toilet. The wooden parts are covered in plastic.
A soft seat cushion from an old shower chair is used. The seat cushion is a soft seat with an oval opening from Etac (accessory to ETAC mobile).

Users comments
The model for the shower chair is an ETAC mobile, a shower chair that the user had.

Made by
Helena’s husband

Paid for by

Whose idea
Helena and her husband’s

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Tipsare: Helena

Helena lives together with her husband and two teenage children in a house. She is working part time (75%). Since birth she has a muscular disease with symtoms similar to a high spinal cord lesion. She has personal assistance 24 hours a day.