– enables people with disabilities to ride a bike on equal terms

User cycling (video)

Exercise bike with 27 gears (manual gears), adjustable back angle and shock absorbers.

Model name: Top End Force 2

Users comments
Sitting up straight works well for users with good trunk balance. This way trunk strength can also be used for cycling. Users with poor or no trunk balance can set the angle of the back to lean backwards more or they can recline.
To compete in races, users lie down on the bicycle to reduce air resistance.

The disadvantage of the arm cycle is that you can’t bring your wheelchair along.

Purchased from
Top End, topendwheelchair.com (last checked December 2021)

User cycling
User cycling
User testing arm cycle
User testing arm cycle

Tipsare: Ulla

Ulla lives together with her partner in an apartment. She is working part time. In 1973 she was injured and has a high paraplegia.