Homemade raised beds

Accessible raised beds that also work as greenhouses

Raised bed with old window next to it
Raised bed with old window next to it

The raised bed is 120 x 300 cm and is built from impregnated planks in various heights. They are filled with potting soil on top of a bottom layer of peat blocks.

During the spring the raised bed can serve as a greenhouse by covering plants with non-woven fabric or old windows.

Users comments
The user can take care of the plants herself, the width is adapted to her needs.
The user has raised beds in various heights. The higher ones are easily accessible; she uses them to grow plants such as lettuce and herbs. She supports herself on the edges of the lower beds to keep her balance.

Made by
User’s husband

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The user

Whose idea
The user

Editors comments
‘Land Højbede’ landhojbede.dk/butik/index.php?action=special-hojbede in Danmark sells mobile raised beds on wheels (last checked June 2017).

This tip is from 2006

Raised bed
Raised bed

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Tipsare: Lotta

Together with her husband, her daughter, three dogs and a cat Lotta lives in a two-story house in the countryside. She is working as a volunteer for Rekryteringsgruppen (an organization of persons with spinal cord injuries). She was injured in 1983 and has a high paraglegia (TH 3). She does not have any personal assistance.