Modified transmitter for environmental control system

Self-adhesive 3M Bumpons on the transmitter facilitates control for people with impaired hand function

Abilia transmitter adapted with 3M Bumpon
Abilia transmitter adapted with 3M Bumpon

The user has a Control Prog with remote control unit from Abilia, a transmitter that wirelessly controls functions in the environment. The transmitter is designed with transparent adhesive 3M Bumpons.

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Technician from Hjälpmedelcentralen (assistive device center)

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e.g. (last checked January 2021)

This tip is from 2014

3M Bumpons
3M Bumpons

Tipsare: Kenneth

Kenneth lives in an apartment. Since 2006 he has a high incomplete tetraplegia with strong spasticity. He has personal assistance 130 hours a week.