Gewa Progress – advanced remote control

Well arranged, high-capacity infrared transmitter for environmental control system

Remote control Gewa progress, mounted on the inside of the wheelchair armrest

Gewa progress, mounted on the inside of the wheelchair armrest

Progress is an advanced remote control unit for GEWA’s infralink system with screen. It is possible to connect external controls for operation with scanning function. The user steers with the wheelchair joystick.
Progress is programmable, which means that it can “learn” IR codes from other remote control units such as those for a TV, video or stereo. The transmitter has 256 channels that can be set on many different pages.
The screen is dynamic, which means that the information displayed can be arranged according to the needs and wishes of the user.
The user has programmed the transmitter as follows: the start page shows a window for each room in the house (see photo 2). From there he can enter the bedroom and access the controls of the bed, entrance telephone, turn the ceiling light on or off, open or close the window, open or close the bedroom door, TV (which in turn has its own menu), and DVD (own menu). Certain functions are available on each page, such as the door opener for the entrance door.
The screen has good resolution and can even be read in the sun outdoors.

The transmitter sits on a track on the wheelchair armrest; it is easy to remove. The transmitter can even be used in bed with suction/blow control.

Users comments
The user has previously used GEWA Prog. He was one of the first to test the Gewa Progress for Gewa. He feels that the Progress transmitter is much easier to use. With the Prog he had to remember the different levels; the new unit has clear pictures that provide a better overview. It also has many more functions.
It would be fun to be able to use it for the computer, but Gewa has not developed this function. The computer is really just a screen. The user is extremely satisfied with the transmitter’s position on the chair; it is discreet and does not stick out. He can see the screen very well and it is easy to remove.
The user mainly has the transmitter in bed; he has not used it much while sitting in the chair yet.

Made by
The holder was made by Sodexho Hjälpmedelservice (Assistive Device Services) in Stockholm

Purchased from
Abilia, (transmitter)

Paid for by
County Council

Editors comments
Now Abilia sells a new transmitter ‘GEWA Control’ which is capable of both IR and radio and has a built-in mobile phone, last checked March 2020.

This tip is from 2006

Remote control Gewa progress – close-up of display

Gewa progress – close-up of display

Attachment for remote control Gewa-progress to the wheelchair armrest

Attachment for remote control Gewa-progress to the wheelchair armrest

User with the joystick of chin steering under his chin

Chin steering with holder on wheelchair

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